What Is Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond core drilling is one of the best and accurate methods of drilling concrete, asphalt, masonry, and steel. This is a drilling technique that doesn’t cause any damage to the structure surrounding it and is widely used by ore exploration companies. The fact that this technique is completely noise free makes it an environmentally friendly method especially for construction projects.

When you use this method, you can drill through different materials with high accuracy and without any fractures. You only have to select and use a sharp enough drill bit in order to do the work in a nice way. You’ll also be able to avoid any patches and go on to the next installation.

Diamond core drilling machines can cut through concrete and other materials easily. Drill bits allow you to cut open holes of up to 60 inches diameter for various purposes and installations.

Knowing The Design Of Diamond Core Drills

Diamond core drills are just like hole saws. They basically have a diamond studded tube of steel attached to a rotating shaft. Water is used to control the temperature of the drill bit while it is being used. Water also keeps the dust away when you’re drilling holes with this drill.

You can use this equipment to cut in both horizontal and vertical directions. Professionals prefer using this type of equipment when sharp and accurate cuts are needed. Core drills are capable of easily making holes of various different sizes.

Here are some of the key features of diamond core drills.

Basic Core Drilling Methods

When it comes down to the drilling techniques, there are basically two used by drilling companies.

1. Precision Core Drilling

This is also known as large diameter core drilling. This technique includes making holes from 10mm all the way up to 700mm in diameter for various purposes. Your contractor might use this type of core drilling to install ducts and pipes of larger sizes.

2. Stitch Drilling

This type of drilling is used when you are looking to make a drill hole of nonstandard size and/ or shape. Larger nonstandard holes are made by making smaller holes and then joining them together to achieve the needed size/ shape. Usually, this technique helps in making holes through structures with more depth as compared to the limit of the drill bit. So, using this method will help you achieve any needed shape.

Stitch drilling is basically used in lots of industrial applications where normal drills and equipment won’t work. Usually, the method proves helpful in the removal of crane bases and to make openings for lift shafts.

These were the two types of core drilling that you should know about.

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