Successful People Meet the Curious Kind

When we were about to publish the first issue of Nordic Business Report back in 2012, I got to interview the most successful and famous business coach, trainer and a speaker in Finland; Mr. Jari Sarasvuo. Although it has been nearly five years since the interview, I still remember his wise words:

Successful people have the curiosity of a child.

During the hour I got to spend with him that time I also learned another thing. He said that he tries to maximize the possibilities to bump into a lucky strike. These kind of things don’t happen when you sit on your ass and aggressively look at your phone and email like you were watching a tennis game. You need to go out. Meet people. My former subordinate once said that,

All the business is out there. Inside the office there are only ghosts.

Have you seen Forrest Gump the movie? I love his mother when he says something about the people waiting in line; if you see a long line, go stand in it. There must be something interesting.

Putting these two simple things together, it pretty much describes my entrepreneur life. I try to meet as many people in as many places as I can. Like, in December 2016 in a seminar in Chicago. The organizer never showed up. I never got any notification that the seminar was cancelled. Nor did the handful of guests that came to the scene.

But, I did meet three awesome people. Patrice Turner, Kevin L. Evans and Sonya Martin-Lash. We immediately started to discuss about our businesses, and how we could help each other. We agreed upon meetings, and have been talking ever since. Patrice runs a very interesting Book Coach 101 concept in Chicago, IL. Check it out here. Kevin is involved in 25 Dollar Legacy and Motor Club of America Enterprises Inc. Sonya works with Building Futures for Families, NFP.

Now that four weeks have passed, I have read both Patrice’s and Kevin’s books you may find from Amazon. We talk every now and then and exchange ideas; when I was the Editor-in-Chief of Business Espoo, we did an interview of Madi Sharma. She shared us a great wisdom:

If you have a dollar, and I have a dollar, and we both give each other a dollar, we still have one dollar each. But instead, if you have an idea, and I have an idea, and we both give each other an idea, we both end up having two ideas.

Success is not only financial, but the motivation and happiness to be able to wake up in the morning, be grateful and free to do whatever you want to do.

I am glad I decided to attend that seminar in Chicago, for I met those three, curious new friends of mine. Like Kevin said back then and there,

I wanted to come and see what this young girl has to offer.

So, if you have a chance to meet new people, do. And, stay curious, my friend!

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