Is Trump in Clinton’s Secret Campaign Team?

First, Donald Trump made 100% sure no other Republican made it to the point of nomination. With all his power and will, he has made sure there is no single American who is not aware of the presidential campaign. He has also made sure that the percentage of voters will be high in November.

Now, I started to think: maybe Trump is a part of Hillary Clinton’s secret campaign team. Why so? Now that he has gained everybody’s attention, he has intentionally started to give out statements that, for sure, will give Clinton an advantage. Why would such a powerful person like Trump do that, unless he really wants Clinton to win? A man, who has been in successful business for decades, must know the basics of PR and communications.

If you read this far, you know I am just joking, and I have no personal interest towards US presidential election. My intention with this blog post was not to take sides, or give false statements. Nothing in this blog has absolutely no grounds, and are just my own funny thoughts.

Have a great day! :)

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